Designers' Cooperation

Designers' Cooperation (In Danish, Designandelen) is a regional platform that works to strengthen the creative industries and increase the use of design.

In this context, the project team behind Designers' Cooperation has gathered a wide range of regional design companies while working "on the ground" / "in the field" to facilitate the use of design. The idea is to help make design a part of Danish companies' business models and competitive advantages.

With inspiration from the cooperative movement's traditional values such as independence, autonomy and professional community, we as an organization have established a framework to unite small design companies' ambition of independence with the need for adequate resources - to constantly stay abreast of developments in design and innovation.

Within the organization, associated design firms therefore invest time and energy in the community at various academic occasions. They get returns in the form of professional knowledge and insight and a growing knowledge of each other's skills, often combined in interdisciplinary cooperation.

The project team behind Designers' Cooperation works mainly with matchmaking, business development, internal and external events.